Integration full-size Quad Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Hidden 4K HD WIFI Spy Camera DVR 128GB

Integration full-size Quad Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Hidden 4K HD WIFI Spy Camera DVR 128GB


PHILIPS 4K WiFi Concealed Shaver Camera is an outstanding product leading the way in advanced surveillance technology. It is cleverly disguised in the appearance of an electric shaver and equipped with a large storage capacity of 128GB, providing you with a high-quality surveillance solution.
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Product Description:

Introducing the PHILIPS 4K WiFi Hidden Shaver Camera with a generous 128GB of storage capacity. This cutting-edge surveillance device combines the appearance of an everyday electric shaver with advanced technology, making it the ideal solution for discreet monitoring.

Key Features:

4K Ultra High-Definition Video: This hidden shaver camera captures video in stunning 4K resolution, ensuring crystal-clear, lifelike images that capture every detail.

WiFi Connectivity: Connect the camera to your home WiFi network for seamless remote access and real-time monitoring via a dedicated smartphone app. Monitor your space from anywhere with an internet connection.

Motion Detection: Equipped with advanced motion detection technology, the camera automatically initiates recording upon detecting motion, conserving storage space and capturing crucial moments.

128GB Internal Storage: With an ample 128GB of built-in storage, you can record extensive footage without the hassle of frequently changing memory cards.

Rechargeable Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures continuous operation, providing flexibility in camera placement without being tethered to power outlets.

Loop Recording: When the storage space is full, the camera seamlessly overwrites the oldest files, ensuring uninterrupted recording without manual intervention.

User-Friendly Operation: Operating the hidden shaver camera is straightforward, with no complicated setup required. It’s ready to use right out of the box.

Authentic Shaver Design: Designed to mimic a real electric shaver, this hidden camera effortlessly blends into your bathroom or grooming area, remaining inconspicuous.


Home Security: Enhance security, especially in bathrooms or bedrooms, for peace of mind.
Caregiver Monitoring: Keep an eye on caregivers or babysitters to ensure the well-being of your loved ones.
Business Security: Safeguard your office or workspace discreetly and efficiently.
Travel Companion: Carry the hidden shaver camera while traveling to maintain security in unfamiliar accommodations.
The PHILIPS 4K WiFi Hidden Shaver Camera offers a powerful blend of advanced technology and discreet design. Please ensure responsible use of this device, adhering to all applicable laws and regulations, and respecting the privacy of others. Elevate your monitoring capabilities with this unobtrusive yet powerful surveillance tool.

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